Moon Tooth’s highly anticipated album “Phototroph” out May 13th

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Moon Tooth, the Long Island-based four-piece who have wowed fans and critics alike, leading Rolling Stone to say: “not since the early days of the Mars Volta has a rock band managed to sound so wildly adventurous”, return with one of the year’s most eagerly-awaited rock albums: Phototroph“, out May 13th, via Pure Noise Records.

“The theme of plants growing towards the light was just something I kept coming back to in different songs” explains Moon Tooth singer John Carbone on the impetus for the album title. “Our previous record, Crux, was like a crossroads and was dealing with a lot of negative shit. Phototroph is about walking from the middle and picking a road that goes onward and upward on a brighter path”.

News of the Josh Wilbur (Lamb of God, Quicksand, Dillinger Escape Plan) produced album is accompanied by the release of Carry Me Home and a hilariously, campy Tom Flynn-directed video. Guitar player Nick Lee provides insight into the track:

“I really wanted to go all the way Allman Brothers or Hendrix on a Moon Tooth song. We’ve definitely flirted with those sounds on songs in the past but it felt really good to just go all the way bluesy-country and unabashedly old school rock and roll. I think this song is a testament to the fearlessness with which Moon Tooth writes music. We will flirt with any genres we want and it will still sound like us”.

“Carry Me Home” is the third preview of the forthcoming “Phototroph”, with the band unveiling the life-affirming clip for Nymphaeaceae in October, followed by the blistering, psychedelia-infused video for The Conduit.

Album pre-orders, which are available now, include several limited edition vinyl variants:

  • White/royal blue with yellow splatter (200 copies, Pure Noise exclusive)
  • Black and gold pinwheel (300 copies, Pure Noise exclusive)
  • Yellow and blue galaxy (300 copies, indie retail)
  • Royal blue cloudy (UK/EU retail exclusive)
  • Black and hot pink (250, Moon Tooth exclusive)
  • Royal blue in milky clear vinyl with heavy yellow and green splatter (1150, various retailers)

Pre-order ‘Phototrophhere!

“Phototroph” tracklist:

  1. I Revere
  2. Back Burner
  3. Deathwish Blues
  4. The I That Never Dies
  5. Alpha Howl
  6. O My Isle
  7. The Conduit
  8. Nymphaeaceae
  9. Grip On The Ridge
  10. Carry me Home
  11. Phototroph


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