Norwegian metalcore act Atena are back with their first new single and video ‘Slip Away’

Norwegian metalcore act ATENA are finally back with their first new single and music video “Slip Away”!

Either you like the fast-paced verses, immensely catchy choruses, beautiful build-ups or slamming breakdowns, “Slip Away” has it all.

Listen to the singe here:

Over the last years and with 4 albums under their belt, ATENA have proven to be the fore fronters of Norwegian metalcore with their relentless mix of heavy guitars, electronic samples and hip-hop influences. Now the 4-piece is finally back with new music and shows us another side with their new track mixed and mastered by the highly proclaimed Swedish producer Henrik Udd (Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, Dayseeker).

ATENA states:

“Usually, we’re not in control of how any of our songs end up and Slip Away is a perfect example of that. While writing it became clear that it was very much about reminiscing the past and the melancholy of those last sunny days in the fall.”

Vebjørn Iversen – Guitar
Jakob Skogli – Vocals
Ulrik Linstad – Bass
Fredrik Kåsin – Drums

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