Bring Me The Horizon (Ameris Bank Amphitheatre – Alpharetta, GA) – 27/09/2022

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Bring Me The Horizon, a band who has been reinventing their sound and influencing numerous bands in the scene for years, brought their US tour to Ameris Bank Amphitheatre in Alpharetta, GA on September 27, 2022. They brought along Knocked Loose, Grandson, and Siiickbrain to open up the show for them. From beginning to end, the energy was cranked all the way to 100.

Siiickbrain opened up the night with her emo/trap metal vibe. Her band had incredible energy on stage and immediately had fans engaged from the start. Her aura is infectious and she knows how to talk to fans between songs in a way that makes them feel like they are best friends with her. Her songs stuck out and felt very unique from the other bands. They carried a different vibe with them in an incredible way, and it felt as though fans really latched on to that.

Grandson was next in the lineup. He is literally insane on stage. He is so passionate for what he is singing about and it is obvious with his demeanor. He knows how to get fans riled up, and by the end of the set, anyone who wasn’t a fan of his at the beginning was obsessing over him by the end. Though his music might not be as “heavy” as the rest of the bands on the bill, his crowds energy during his set is a perfect example of why stage presence can make or break a music set. He really was the perfect act to go right before Knocked Loose and he used that placement to his advantage.

Knocked Loose was on after Grandson and right before Bring Me The Horizon. Anyone who has ever seen Knocked Loose live knows that they are almost unmatched when it comes to crowd energy. Bryan (the frontman) knows exactly what he is doing and it shows literally 30 seconds into the first song. Their set was the start of crowd surfers, people jumping on top of each other, and massive mosh pits. Fans were screaming the lyrics back to them and vibing with every single second of their set. They really were the perfect band to be placed right before the legends in Bring Me The Horizon took the stage.

Bring Me The Horizon was last in the lineup and the headliner of the entire tour. From the jump, they had an opening video telling people to open up mosh pits, start jumping on top of people, etc. This definitely was a smart move, and obviously, the crowd followed directions. They opened up their set with their song “Can You Feel My Heart” which was already a massive sensation in the metal/rock world, but recently, has also seen a resurgence through TikTok. This seemed strategic, and everyone, literally everyone, was screaming the words back to them. It was the perfect set opener song. Oli Sykes (frontman) has something about him that makes him the perfect person to command a crowd. Whatever he tells them to do, they are going to do it. It showed during multiple songs where he would open up mosh pits or walls of death in order to boost the crowd energy that was already radiating. They really are an unreal band live. There is a reason why they are considered masters of the genre and it only shows more with every live show that they play. They really ended the night on a huge high note, and let fans know that they were loved, seen, and accepted for whoever they are. It really was a perfect night.

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