Gaahls Wyrd (Backstage, Munich) – 24/10/2022

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If there is a style of metal that doesn’t excite me in terms of sound it’s black metal, but as a photographer, these are the most interesting and challenging bands to photograph.

Opening this diabolic night, one of the latest sensational bands in terms of extreme metal, my Portuguese compatriots Gaerea. With the release of their latest work this year entitled ‘Mirage’ they have consolidated their name further in the international market and this joint tour with other names is an emerging need to showcase their creations live around the world. The band’s live performance can simply be described as super intense and suffocating, a unique experience in feeling emotions of despair and chaotic beauty! The Halle Room at the Backstage Club was already packed when the band took to the stage, showing that in Munich there was interest not to miss this show, and that in the end it was worth getting there early. After such a strong opening act, the stakes are raised and the following bands have a difficult task.

Hailing from the UK, Winterfylleth show consistency and genuineness in the presentation of their live music. Visually they look different to many other black metal bands, without a lot of flashy stuff, which for me is a bit uninteresting, but musically they are as strong, united and cohesive as a hard rock.

Idolized in Munich, Gaahl takes the stage and the audience present shows what they came for. The Norwegians (Gaahls Wyrd) show that they are excellents in the execution of their songs and feel comfortable on stage, backed in a strong way by their god/demon in the voice. Visually the live staging is interesting and creates an appropriate atmosphere for their music, proving to be an interesting proposition in their genre.

We can confirm that the devil was present in Munich on this night!

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