SteelHordes 2021 – Day 2 (21/8/2021)

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It’s been over 2 years without a proper worldwide gathering of the wolves of the underground. Steelfest had to postpone twice and last year’s SteelChaos had to be turned into a live stream event. Because the guys behind these internationally revered happenings didn’t want to wait until next year’s major 4 day anniversary SteelFest, they scraped together the courage to plan a one time Summer edition named SteelHordes. With again a lineup of mostly Finnish bands from the underground black and death scene, it quickly shaped up to be something you didn’t want to miss out on. Despite being plagued with band cancellations and rising numbers, luckily they were still able to go on with it and thus here we are: back at the unholy grounds in Hyvinkää for all that is dark and evil.

With pictures of Malum, Morgal, Chamber Of Unlight, Perdition Winds, Torture Killer and Horna:



Chamber Of Unlight

Perdition Winds

Torture Killer


For a full report on the 2nd day of SteelHordes 2021, go check it out here.

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