Jinjer & Atreyu (Zenith Kulturhalle, Munich) – 02/08/2023

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Once again we return to the grand concert hall that is the Zenith in Munich, with a last minute confirmation that was well worth it!
The biggest band of the night were the British Bullet For My Valentine, of which we don’t have pictures available because we weren’t allowed to. We can only say that they gave a great show with the crowd going crazy song after song. Let’s hope in a next opportunity to have the privilege to take some nice pictures of these gentlemen.

The North Americans of Atreyu were the first to enter the stage and set the crowd on fire with a strong and intense presence. For the third time, I had the opportunity to photograph the fantastic Ukrainian band Jinjer and I notice that each time they drag more and more public for their shows. Appealing to the crowd for the end of the war in the country where they come from at the beginning of the concert, the band unloaded all their rage on stage, showing why they are at the top of the extreme metal universe. Tatiana is a “monster” on stage and her new look shines through, so we managed to grab some great pictures of this beautiful lady accompanied by great quality musicians. The audience once again completely surrendered to another visit of Jinjer in Munich.

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