King Satan (On The Rocks, Helsinki) – 04/06/2022

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Despite a lot of things not working in favor of this event happening like Iron Maiden pulling a lot of people away from Helsinki to go see their show at the annual Rockfest and Crucify the Faith not having their vocalist nor drummer there due to some health issues, they still moved on with it and turned it into a great night with 3 Finnish up-and-coming bands for those who were there.

Opening the night, Crucify the Faith didn’t let it get to them that their vocalist wasn’t there, motoring on with a special fully instrumental show that had Aku Karjalainen from Atlas as their temporary drummer. A show that proved their music is so solid that it even works perfectly without the usual vocals.

Secondly, we got treated by the electronically enhanced grooves from Khroma. Their fascinating blend of electronica, hip hop and metal brings an intense and energetic show that not every band can pull off and they killed it every time I caught them live.

King Satan came to showcase their occult industrial tunes and especially their latest release ‘Occult Spiritual Anarchy’. While they usually pull in a way bigger crowd than what they had this time, they played as if they were in front of a packed venue for the dedicated fans that did show up this night and it absolutely was a blast! King Satan is most definitely one of the more fun and entertaining bands the Finnish circuit has to offer at the moment.

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