Reject The Sickness ‘While Our World Dissolves Tour’ (JH Asgaard, Gentbrugge) – 16/10/2021

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Reject The Sickness has released a new (their 3rd) album ‘While Our World Dissolves’ and is here to introduce it to the public. ‘While our world dissolves’ is presented with smoke… lots of smoke, but not for long. After a while the fire alarm went off and automatically cut the power… After a short ventilation break they could continue the show, although without the smoke machines… Despite maybe a different atmosphere than they had counted on, they played a very powerful set and thus those who weren’t there, were wrong! Support act was Break tha Chainz, a brand new HC project from West and East Flanders!

Break tha Chainz

Reject the Sickness

Disapproval of the weak
The plague of life
My ire
Slack muscles heal
Burning soil
The furrow of our soul
Face the storm
We all burn

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