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Rockelingen 2021 – Friday (30/07/2021)

A report of the first day of Rockelingen 2021, a small festival in Belgium featuring many local talents that kicked serious ass!

Most anticipated releases of May 2021

Some of our most anticipated released for May 2021, warning: there is way more exciting music being released, this is only a small selection...

Reject The Sickness presented new single “Pillars Of Hope”

Reject The Sickness unleashed yet another heavy as fuck single upon the world, a track from their upcoming album!

Reject The Sickness presented new single “Reveal The Darkness”

Belgian death/thrash outfit Reject The Sickness is back with a second single of their upcoming new album "While Our World Dissolves"!

Reject The Sickness presented new single “Disapproval Of The Weak” and announced new album

The Belgian death thrashers of Reject The Sickness are back with the first track from their upcoming new album.

Sea Shepherd Benefiet Gent

Sea Shepherd Benefiet 2019

Benefiet tvv Sea Shepherd! Met optredens van Copia (AUS), Reject The Sickness, Revealed (EP Release), Royal Jake en Beyond Our Sight!

Archspire “Tech Trek” (Cinema, Aalst)

A fun evening of brutality, slam and an exclusive fly-in headliner show of tech death outfit Archspire!

Archspire Tech Trek in Cinema, Aalst

Archspire Tech Trek

EXCLUSIVE headliner gig of Canadian Extreme Technical Death Metal band Archspire! Joined by The Monolith Deathcult, Acranius, Human Error, When Plagues Collide, Reject...

Cloudburst, Benefiet voor Sea Shepherd

Cloudburst Metalfest

Benefiet voor SEA SHEPHERD Alle inkomsten van de kassa gaan integraal naar Sea Shepherd. SEA SHEPHERD STAND AT VENUE Sea Shepherd...