Rockfest 2019 – Day 2 (8/6/2019)

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Finland’s biggest rock festival continues to impress with some of the names they put on their line-up every year. On the other hand there are also a whoooole lot of bands that are returning for a 2nd or 3rd time in a row, which feels a bit lazy to us. But there is this year around again enough stuff to still get excited about attending Rockfest! How about the first proper Slipknot show in several years? Or Kiss playing their (supposedly) last show ever in Finland… So off we go again, diving into the madness that will be 3 days of festival at the tiny airport in Hyvinkää!

Bands on the first day in order of appearance: Rave The Reqviem, Within Temptation, One Morning Left, Chang, Dream Theater, In Flames, Blind Channel, Mokoma, Disturbed, Turbonegro

For a full report of the second day, go here:—day-2-(8-6-2019)

For more reports of the event:

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