PREMIERE: Alfonso Corace welcomes the world to his room

Picture by Alessandra Paolelli

Tomorrow, “Fo’s Room”, the brooding debut album by Rome-based multi-instrumentalist Alfonso Corace (AIRLINES OF TERROR, ex LUNARSEA, VIDHARR) will be released. But we have the honor and pleasure to present you a full stream of the release on our site right now to already get to listen to the music! What Alfonso had to say introducing the album:

“Welcome to my room, let me show you around. Abandon all preconceptions, and close your eyes. Music is instinct, overrides and goes beyond genres. It can be day and night, sweetness and violence at the same time. Its dynamics are capable of triggering a reaction within us. This record has no barriers and doesn’t care about genres. Take a seat, I’ll take care of the rest. Hope you enjoy the experience”.

The project was conceived as a vehicle for realizing ideas that exist in a separate space from his other/previous bands. Recorded in Rome, “Fo’s Room” is a look at searching for strength and inspiration in an enervating world.

The music isn’t wedded to genre and explores atmospheric metal, rock and electronic music flavours which owe as much to Paradise Lost and Ghost as to Air and Daft Punk. The arrangements are direct but take time to weave in progressive elements and dynamic atmosphere.

Some songs see the multi-instrumentalist collaborate with longtime friends Giuseppe Orlando (INNO, THE FORESHADOWING, AIRLINES OF TERROR, ex NOVEMBRE) and Elisabetta Marchetti (INNO) introducing surprising new elements into the music without sacrificing its intense intimacy.

Recorded, mixed & mastered at Fo’s Room by Alfonso Corace.
Drums recorded at Outer Sound Studios.
Music and Lyrics by Alfonso Corace.

Alfonso Corace
– Drums and percussion, bass, guitars, keys, vocals and vocoders

Special guests:
Giuseppe Orlando
– Copilot and low vocals on “The End” and “Control”
Elisabetta Marchetti
– Vocals on “Healing”
Maria Luisa Peliti
– Flute on “Spring”


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