Punk/post-hardcore band ADVERSE96 shared new video for the track ‘Folded Paper’


New music video release from punk-post-hardcore band ADVERSE96 for the song “Folded Paper” is out now! This is the first song that is officially released from their upcoming full length album ‘Clear The Lane’ that will be out on October 26th 2023.

The song goes through many topics of these modern days such as animal rights, the Black Lives Matter movement and police brutality, or the Femen activists, all topics that makes Laurent really feel sick about and sometimes prefers to deny and “move forward blindfolded” thru a “wormhole” instead of “fading out slowly”, like a requirement to survive.

01. Folded Paper
02. Forevermore
03. Dead Angles
04. Destinies
05. Withdrawn
06. Rubin Carter
07. December
08. Confined
09. Augmented Reality
10. Colors

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