Quebec’s Empress premiere lyric video for their 2nd single “Crawl”

Powerful atmosphere and soaring vocals: Quebec’s EMPRESS is quickly becoming a new standard in female-fronted metal. Mixing heavy, modern melodies with authentic, relatable lyrics, EMPRESS combines Eddy Levitsky’s (Hollow) original music with Karina Charbonnier’s unique vocal talent to create a distinctive approach to melodic metal.

Spearheaded by the desire of the imperious Karina Charbonnier to write her own music and lyrics along with her powerful, melancholic soprano voice, EMPRESS was brought to life by working with celebrated guest talents from the Quebec metal scene such as Tommy Mckinnon (ex-Augury), Fred Riverin (I Legion), and Sebastien Ladouceur (Our Darkest Days).

Mostly an online project, EMPRESS’ focus is sharing their love of making music with the world. Their second single “Crawl” is now ready to be revealed to follow their 2017 debut track “Your Prize” (available for free download here). “Crawl” is a track that has post-rock influences and a solid metal foundation to be catchy, heavy and ethereal. The song combines Karina Charbonnier‘s powerful vocals with modern guitar work and even a touch of progressive elements to create a well-rounded, original song that is sure to please any fan of melodic metal.

Karina comments:

“Crawl is for those who go through hard times and are searching for a way to regain strength. So basically, this song touches everyone, we all go through rough patches at different times in our life! I hope that Crawl makes people realize that they’re not alone, that it motivates them to first accept their difficulties and then, help overcome them.”

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