Resolution 13 release first single "General Mass" of upcoming sophomore album


Finnish industrial metal act RESOLUTION 13 are currently in the last recording phase of their upcoming sophomore album. Today, the band released the first single titled General Mass and an accompanying lyric video.

Founded in 2010, RESOLUTION 13 exists out of seasoned musicians from well-known and respected bands and projects on Finnish grounds such as DRIVEGODSPLAGUETHE BLACK LEAGUEGRENDELDIMEBAG BEYOND FOREVER, and DOPE TRIBE DEVILS. The band released their debut album Colossal which was received positively around the globe in 2015, and are now laying the final touches on their follow-up. RESOLUTION 13’s music and sound is hard, with down-tuned guitar riffs, ultra-low bass frequencies, supersonic synths, and war-battalion-like drumming. The band has recently won the regional award of Emergenza Finland, came in second in the Finnish finals, and also won the award for the best singer. What RESOLUTION 13 offer is to be a good hard-smashing live band, and an overdose of both hard-heavy and beautiful harmonies in industrial-like music. 

The band has created a storyline throughout their debut album Colossal which evolves around the happenings on Resolution 13, a prison planet. The story continues on the sophomore album and starts off with the story of the first single General Mass

Vocalist Nico Hartonen on General Mass

“Well, firstly it’s not a love story,” laughs Hartonen, “General Mass used to be a female war pilot, a long lost friend of the hero in our story. He doesn’t know where she is or whether she’s alive. Only hearing rumors, his thoughts go in overdrive; and he calls out for his long lost pal.”

About the process of the new album, guitarist Gábor Dancs comments: 

“The summer has been busy for everyone, but now we focus on finishing tracking the instruments. The mixing happens as we go, so by the time Nico plugs his microphone for singing his missing vocal lines, the music will be pretty much polished for him. No detail will be left unchecked and we don’t do filler tracks. When the time comes, this record will be crushing.”

Resolution 13 is:
Nico Hartonen – Vocals
Gábor Dancs – Guitars
Ilkka Tanska – Bass
Marko Lehtinen – Drums

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