Resolution 13 released new single ‘Paradise Circus’ and announced upcoming album ‘Derelict’

Finnish industrial metal band, RESOLUTION 13, is currently in the final stages of releasing their upcoming sophomore album, “Derelict,” in collaboration with Sliptrick Records. Today, the band released the first single, a cover version of Massive Attack‘s “Paradise Circus,” along with an accompanying lyric video. The full-length and the single were mixed and produced by Euge Valovirta (Cyrha, Godsplague, ex-Shining) and mastered by Jacob Hansen (e.g. Cyhra, Volbeat, Amaranthe), but the single will not be included on the full album. Co-vocalist Ville Tuomi (Kyyria, Suburban Tribe, Leningrad Cowboys, Raskasta Joulua, etc.) is also featured on the track.

Founded in 2010, RESOLUTION 13 is comprised of seasoned musicians from respected bands and projects in Finland such as DRIVE, GODSPLAGUE, THE BLACK LEAGUE, GRENDEL, DIMEBAG BEYOND FOREVER, and DOPE TRIBE DEVILS. The band’s debut album, “Colossal,” was well received globally in 2015, and they are now putting the final touches on their follow-up. RESOLUTION 13‘s music and sound is characterized by hard, down-tuned guitar riffs, ultra low bass frequencies, supersonic synths, and a war-battalion-like drumming. In 2019, the band won the regional award of Emergenza Finland, came in second in the Finnish finals, and also won the award for the best singer. RESOLUTION 13 is known for their hard-smashing live performances and their ability to create a balance of hard-heavy and beautiful harmonies in industrial-like music.

Vocalist Nico Hartonen on Paradise Circus:

“Paradise Circus is a rare gem. It has a kind of “post apocalytic” feel in it, but in way like mind of a playing child, you know? I mean, as an adult you start thinking about life like a kid… It is growing towards the end and so does your feelings. I know this sounds crazy, but hey… It’s a twisted world where we live in.”

About the process of the new album Gábor Dancs comments:

“The summer has been busy for everyone, but now we can finally focus on releasing this record. Unfortunately the pandemic and the fact that we were forced to find a new sound engineer during the album production greatly delayed any publishing. However we were extremely lucky, when Euge decided to take this project under his wings and finished the rest of the mixing with light speed, yet creating the sound we dreamed of. No detail was left unchecked and we don’t do filler tracks. When the time comes, this record will be crushing.

This was also the first time we collaborated with Ville and there will be more of him also featured on another few tracks on the record. It was really nice to see and hear, how he puts his heart in every take. His passion inspired us and their voices completed each other really well with Nicos.”

Recorded in Dallas Studios, Helsinki, Finland in 2022. Mixed and produced by Euge Valovirta, mastered by Jacob Hansen.

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