Rotting Christ's new release premiere

The Greek metal band Rotting Christ will release their new album, Rituals, on February 12th. But before Season Of Mist will ship out the physical copies, we can stream the full album below for free!

Rituals is an album influenced by myths and (you’ll never guess) rituals from all around the world, creating a very unique sound making this the most ominous release they’ve ever made. Staying true to their style, insuring that everyone who has ever heard their latest release, will know this is Rotting Christ, this album introduces new elements which keeps it fresh and interesting. The experience is enhanced by some guests, like Nick Holmes from Paradise Lost on A Voice Like Thunder and Vorph from Samael in Les Litanies De Satan. These co-operations together with the bands rock solid sound guarantees you goosebumps moments in a diverse and in general epic album.

In short, their cover doesn’t lie, this indeed is Rituals by Rotting Christ and one can only wonder how this will affect their live shows in the future. They’ve been at it for almost three decades, from humble beginnings up to their epic release Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy, forever changing the band and their fans. After that release, it’s no wonder the bar is set pretty high for any new songs they come up with. Will they live up to the task? You can judge for yourselves, but don’t forget to check out our reviews section pretty soon to get all the details!

01. In Nomine Dei Nostri
02. Ze Nigmar
03. Elthe Kyrie
04. Les Litanies De Satan (Les Fleurs Du Mal)
05. Apage Satana
06. Tou Thanatou
07. For A Voice Like Thunder
08. Konx Om Pax
09. Devadevam
10. The Four Horsemen
11. Lok’tar Ogar (bonus track)

Rotting Christ is:
– Sakis (vocals, guitars)
– George: guitars
– Van Ace: bass
– Themis: drumms

Gues artist (in order of apperance):
– Magnus (Necormantia): In Nomine Dei Nostri
– Danai Katsameni (National Hellenic Theater): Elthe Kyrie
– Vorph (Samael): Les Litanies De Satan
– Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost): For A Vice Like Thunder
– Kathir (Rudra): Devadevam