Season 2 of Gothic Homemaking with Aurelio Voltaire has started


The second season of Aurelio Voltaire’s web series ‘Gothic Homemaking’ started in April. The singer films himself while he transforms his apartment in a spooky, Gothic lair.

In the spooky but funny episodes, you can follow the Gothic, geeky singer Voltaire while he shares tips and redecorates his tiny, New York City apartment with creepy furnishings and macabre DIY-projects. Zombies, a freezer nymph, a mad scientist and a succubus are some of the guest appearances in the show. And let’s not forget the co-host: a sarcastic corpse named Orville Deadenbacher. Some of the tips are typically American, and us Europeans won’t find every store portrayed in the series. His videos have the same dark humor as his songs, but are also just as light and sometimes geeky.


In 2005 Voltaire already wrote “Paint it black: A guide to Gothic Homemaking”. Back then he decorated his house as well and documented it in the previously mentioned book. Now he’s repeating the concept, but with a free video serie on Youtube. The first season was shown in avant-première during the huge comic convention Dragon Con in Atlanta in front of a fully packed room.

Aurelio Voltaire

Voltaire is the second from the right at the ‘Goth Track’ at Dragoncon

The first episode of the new season starts in London, where we follow Voltaire to the Lolita-shop Sai Sai in Camden Town. We also follow him while he picks up a coffin-shaped armoire in New Jersey… with a hearse. You read it well: a vehicle to bring coffins to a funeral. You can watch the new season and all previous episodes here.

A little fun fact about Voltaire to end this article: a lot of you might have seen the animated television serie The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy when they were younger, but not all of you know that Voltaire wrote and sang the song of the brain-eating alien in the episode Little Rock of Horror.