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Check out Exhumed’s new single off their upcoming record ‘Horror’.

The perfect hit for the summer… F.K.Ü. is here to slash you to pieces! Check out their new single!

A video game and a board game, build to appeal to any metalhead with a love for games!

Album Reviews

Burial’s full-length album has transcended in quality and sound, the quartet gives us an in-depth sight of their deep musical arrangements.

The Specter captures the aesthetics of medieval and dark fantasy, drawing its themes to create a genuine soundtrack of horror.

Necrophagia may have been put to rest after the untimely death of its main driving force Killjoy, but the undead rear their putrid head once more time with these selected cuts from their studio albums: ‘Here Lies Necrophagia: 35 Years of Death Metal’.

Tomb Mold seems to venture into the darker sphere of morbidity and it somehow feels that the new tracks show a propensity towards the slow mid-pacing death metal style.

Funeral Storm’s Arcane Mysteries is as much a tribute to Hellenic black metal as it is a testament to its legacy.

Trvekvlt plays a rudimentary kind of metal music but simultaneously proves that gimmicks and ingenuity can also be achieved even by anonymous musicians.

There’s always two sides to every story…

GRIMM & Chill

The last installment of Rob Zombie’s Devil Rejects movie series might very well be the perfect time killer on All Hallows Eve…

‘The Devil’s Rejects’ is Rob Zombie’s superior follow-up to ‘House of 1000 Corpses’. A great slash and gore gem to watch during Halloween!

Not sure what to watch for Halloween? How about (re)visiting Rob Zombie’s directorial debut?

Gore, demons, metal and comedy… what more do you need as entertainment for a night of drinking beer with your buddies? Deathgasm is here!