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Norway’s Aeternus announces ‘Philosopher’ as their upcoming album to be released in November via Agonia Records before embarking on the ‘Black Metal Revelation Tour 2023 Part II’ with Gorgoroth, Impalement and Aran Angmar!

The Finnish festival Steelfest Open Air can be seen as one of the most renowned underground metal festivals in Europe with every year people coming down to the small city of Hyvinkää from all over the world. They also manage to offer us the best from the black, death and doom metal world every single […]

Album Reviews

Norway’s death metal collective Aeternus returns with a majestic record. Their ninth album ‘The Philosopher’ is full of epic and dark atmosphere that honors the sound of the band. out via Agonia Records on November 17th.

After long years of cultivation “Gaahl” raises his magnum opus with Gaahls Wyrd as he proves that he is a master at creating his own music.

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The second day of Steelfest 2019 offered more diversity with different styles of black and death!

Photo Reports

The pictures of a more diverse and even hotter 2nd day of Steelfest 2019!