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Brutal metallic sludge outfit Mastiff unleashed their second single ‘Void’, an intense hybrid of hardcore, punk and metal, the soundtrack to Neurosis, Converge and Cursed battling in a Roman Coliseum, and another track from their upcoming album ‘Deprecipice’ set for release next month via MNRK Heavy!

UK brutal metallic sludge outfit Mastiff drops a crushing new video ‘Serrated’ featuring Harry Nott from Burner and Dan James from XIII, a first single from the upcoming album ‘Deprecipice’, set for release in March via MNRK Heavy!

Blackened sludge outfit Mastiff releases the first track ‘Endless’ from their upcoming Entertainment One album ‘Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth’!


This list is not for the faint of heart. A selection of releases that we experienced as being some of the most intense unleashed during 2021.