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Industrial doom act Ωblivion Gate announces their third album ‘Thrill Kill Noir’ to be released next year via Inverse Records and unveiled a fist single with the apocalyptic love song ‘Acolyte’!

Czech black metal band Inferno unleashed the experimental video for the closer track of their latest album ‘PARADEIGMA (Phosphenes Of Aphotic Eternity)’ with the help and artistic vision of Matron Thorn / Esoteric Tradition!

Ævangelist is releasing their new release on physical format by the end of this month and it’s something dark to really look forward to!

A delivery in darkness, love and depression by Benighted In Sodom, streaming in full in anticipation of the official release!

Album Reviews

Devil Worshipper takes you on a demented and emotional ride littered with sin and temptation. And Satan, of course Satan!


A short talk with a clearly tired Ontto from Oranssi Pazuzu about their psychedelic and cosmic take on black metal!