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Swedish melodic power metal act Metalite presents the ‘New Generation’ single and music video, another track from their upcoming album ‘Expedition One’, set for release early 2024 via AFM Records!

Early next year, Metalite will release their new album ‘Expedition One’ via AFM Records, but in the mean time, enjoy their powerful new single ‘Blazing Skies’ and its fiery video!

Swedish melodic power metal act Metalite announced their upcoming new, gigantic sci-fi album ‘Expedition One’, set for release via AFM Records next year and share some background with a trailer and first single!

Warmen is really back at full force! Last week they announced the complete new line-up with the addition of Ensiferum’s Petri Lindroos on vocals!

Dragony will bring another dose of their epic metal, celebrating the heroes of (pop)culture and beyond!

Album Reviews

With ‘Clear Cold Beyond’ Sonata Arctica are re-visiting their faster and heavier roots and will delight older fans, while possibly surprising some of their more new fans. Out via Atomic Fire Records (Reigning Phoenix Music) since last Friday!

Brothers and sisters unite! Drink up your mead and gather your weapons, as we embark on an epic quest through the nine realms of Norse mythology. For the merry band of Brothers of Metal have returned with their brand of melodic power metal.

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Modern metal outfit CyHra came to present their latest album ‘The Vertigo Trigger’ to their Finnish fans starting with a show at Yo-Talo in Tampere, with support band Neonfly, turning the night into a celebration of good music and community!