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Portuguese melodic metal band Enchantya shared the new single and video ‘Collective Souls’, a track from their upcoming album ‘Cerberus’, set for release in April via Inverse Records!

Portuguese black metal unit Gaerea just dropped a new music video. Check out ‘Urge’.

Gaerea shows how it looks like when they are being trapped inside its own world in the video for ‘Conspiranoia’!

Missing some good live black metal? Here is Gaerea with a live rendition of the track ‘To Ain’ from the upcoming new album ‘Limbo’!

Exciting black metal outfit Gaerea signs to Season of Mist for their next release!

Promising Portuguese death metal beasts Okkultist reveal the details of their upcoming debut album!

Rising stars in the Portuguese death metal scene Okkultist are set to release their debut album next year!

A new player on the female fronted symphonic metal market has come to the surface! Glasya from Portugal released a first single from the upcoming EP, so check it out.

Album Reviews

4 years after ‘1755’, MOONSPELL releases ‘Hermitage’. The 13th release in the nearly 30 year long run of this iconic Dark metal/ Goth metal band.

Gaerea has once again outdone themselves. “Limbo” is an outcome of creative songwriting that makes this sophomore worthy of your time.

Omni Quantum Univers is Benthik Zone’s second full-length and newborn opus. They unleashed 5 releases upon mankind so far and with this album we have reached the final phase of an extremely stable and tightly integrated ensemble.

Death metal dripping with evil, that’s what you can expect from Portugal’s Okkultist!

Devil Worshipper takes you on a demented and emotional ride littered with sin and temptation. And Satan, of course Satan!