News Posts

Finnish black metal collective Night Shall Drape Us hail ‘The Queen of the Red Streams’ in their new single and video, a second offering from the upcoming debut album ‘Lunatic Choir’, set for release in April via Season of Mist!

Renowned French black metal entity Merrimack continues to unravel the enigmatic tapestry of their upcoming album ‘Of Grace and Gravity’ (out in March via Season of Mist) with the release of their second single ‘Dead and Distant Clamors’!

Texan black metal outlaws Necrofier announced their 2nd full-length ‘Burning Shadows in the Southern Night’ to be released via Season of Mist in June and unleashed a first single with ‘Burnt By The Sacred Flame’!

Belgian blackened death metal outfit Goat Torment released a third and last track before the official release of their ‘Forked Tongues’ album!

American black metal project Necrofier releases the first single ‘Madness Descends’ from upcoming debut album ‘Prophecies of Eternal Darkness’!

Unique blackened death outfit Withered unleash the first track from their upcoming album ‘Verloren’!

Let Vous Autres take you on a mesmerizing atmospheric trip with their new video for ‘Onde’.

Revenge is back with another insane track off their May 22nd record ‘Strike.Smothe.Dehumanize’.

Album Reviews

Knoxville, Tennessee-brutal death metal act Brodequin return with their newest album “Harbinger of Woe”, very reminiscent of the old-school Spanish grind gore bands of the 90s. Out since March 22nd, via Season of Mist Underground Activists.

French black metal outfit Merrimack returns with its sixth album “Of Grace and Gravity” managed to capture atmosphere, aggression, and memorable riffs. Out on Season of Mist Underground Activists since March 8th.

French black/death metal band Necrowretch returns with another blasphemous album. Their fifth album “Swords of Dajjal” is fast and hellish and arguably the band’s best offering to date, out since last Friday via Season of Mist.

Roman Saenko’s musical art has brought Drudkh to the forefront of the black metal genre, the new album “All Belong To The Night” crafts beautiful and mesmeric musical landscapes offering a fresh take on atmospheric black metal and standing as one of the band’s best albums.

Nocturnal Graves fourth album “An Outlaw’s Stand” is full of raptures and grits where the Aussies deliver the outright rampage of blackened thrash/death metal.

On the fourth album ‘Succumb’ Altarage has freshly managed to bring their dissonant remarks as well as the cacophonous sound and harsh vocals on an extreme, voluminous scale.

Helfró bares the influences to the Swedish black metal, but the duo has certainly brought uncompromising aggression to their latest offering.

Cannabis Corpse lit a good doobie and delivered one hell of a death metal album!

“The Burning Dawn” is a great follow up to Cloak’s debut album, and the blackened occultists present a sheer aggression and diversity within the new tracks.

‘Cosmicism’ is a journey into deep dark space. This is a supreme cosmic black metal record of the highest quality.