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The Interrupters are finally back with their infectious mix of punk rock and two-tone ska and announced a brand new upcoming album!

The Godfathers of Skacore 8 Kalacas release yet another single from their upcoming album ‘Fronteras’ with the track ‘Mutante’!

The ska punkers of Less Than Jake are finally back with new music! Check out the first single of their upcoming album!

Photo Reports

After thirty years and counting, The Slackers are still rude & reckless and stronger than they ever were on stage at Kavka in Antwerp. A true live band that found support from local band Moodcollector.

Last week I finally had the chance to see Zebrahead perform live with The Bottom Line at Kavka, a small club in my home town Antwerp.

We often talk about how heavy, technical or fancy music and live gigs can be, but in the end we’re all there to have a hell of a good time, right? Well, that’s what Rock ‘n; Load VZW and Dead Punks Society were thinking when they joined forces to get Mad Caddies over to Belgium. […]

Album Reviews

The Interrupter’s fourth album ‘In the Wild’ expands on their own inimitable mix of punk and ska without alienating their fan base.. Out on Hellcat/Epitaph.

GWAR’s first release with The Berserker Blothar holding the reigns after losing their long-time ringleader Oderus Urungus!

BABYMETAL, surpassing boundaries and serving the haters an answer: We’re here to stay!


Some of our most anticipated released for May 2021, warning: there is way more exciting music being released, this is only a small selection…