Album Reviews

Ulthar has managed to amass organic and blackened death metal aggression, taking the listener into cosmic loops of the outer realms of space. The two songs offer plenty of tremolo picked riffs, solid technicality and uncanny avant-garde. Out on 20 Buck Spin.

‘Anthronomicon’ sees Ulthar moving in its own unique territory offering a complex and intricate work that will please fans of Lovecraftian death metal. The trio has achieved their best level of songwriting without sacrificing the roots of old school death and black metal. Out on February 17 via 20 Buck Spin.

With such grotesque imagination, Ulthar’s songs on ‘Providence’ are spawned by the array of primitive raw black metal and brutal death metal.

If you crave for some filthy slab of primitive death metal with hints from Autopsy, Necrot and Coffins then look no further.

Ossuarium’s “Living Tomb” is an album that lives up to the hype. And can surely withstand the erosion of time and space, I would proudly place this album right beside Disma’s debut album “Towards the Megalith”.


February has some great releases again, and we’re looking forward to albums from artists like Memoriam, In Flames, Paramore, dEUS, Mordkaul, Ulthar, Avatar, The Abbey, Insomnium, Host, Gorillaz and Heidevolk!