The Hirsch Effekt share music video for EP title track ‘GREGÆR’


German progressive metal 3-piece The Hirsch Effekt have released a music video for the title track of their new EP GREGÆR. Watch the video here:

Guitarist and singer Nils Wittrock about the track:

“We wrote GREGÆR together as a three piece last year before our ‘Corona-Tour’ in Germany. Preliminary the writing process, we already chose to lay a fundament that would serve well and leave enough space for the upcoming orchestral arrangements of Anthony Williams. Lyrically, the song thematizes areas of conflict. On the one hand the personal resentment and frustration due to the Covid-19 pandemic and on the other hand the resentment and frustration over those forming in the anti-government ‘Querdenker’-movement in Germany – a movement that either denies the existence of the virus or rejects the government measurements taken against it.”

Bass player Ilja John Lappin comments on the new video:

“The two chess players – who are the one and same person – symbolize the various parts of our society, that are trying to play off against each other. They gather together to play the game, knowing that in the end only one side will win. The video was realized by young filmmaker Fabian Schmidt, who had been keen on working with the band already in previous times. Fabian’s wish was also to include the band, yet in a different way than in the classical ‘full band performance’. In this regard he chose to merely film the two singers of the song in a huge, dark room – thus including them into the story of the video. The minimalistic art of the video and the steady camera work form a counterpole to the hectically driving nature of the music.”

1 Natans – Orchestral Version
2 Domstol – Orchestral Version
3 Kollaps – Orchestral Version
4 Gregær – Orchestral Version

With GREGÆR The Hirsch Effekt delivers an unique EP that shows a different side of their musical work. Together with 17 young classical musicians from Hannover, DE the band recorded orchestral versions of their songs “Natans”, “Domstol” and “Kollaps” as well as the brand new song “Gregær”. All tracks have been newly arranged for this project by Anthony Williams. On GREGÆR these four recordings now merge into an EP which is available now as a strictly limited LP version as well as Stream and Download. 

Order GREGÆR here:

Line Up:
Moritz Schmidt (Drums)
Nils Wittrock (Guitar, Vocals)
Ilja John Lappin (Bass, Vocals)

The Hirsch Effekt online:

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