The story of Finland, nature and history – My Reflection offers a showcase to Finnish metal with an atmospheric video “Homeland”


Finland is known for its thousands of lakes and major metal bands such as Stratovarius, Wintersun and Nightwish. Now the story of Finland’s 100 years of independence, nature and some the best Finnish metal characteristics are combined in the “Homeland” single and music video by, also Finnish, metal band My Reflection.

“When composing, the “Finland 100″ theme was very prominent and I wanted to tribute my homeland somehow”, says Petja Haapaniemi, the composer-guitarist-vocalist of My Reflection.

Filming the “Homeland” video took a year to capture all the Finnish four seasons. “We missed the main celebration but it is great to own the piece to 100-year-old Finland still at this point.”

“The song also offers a kind of a showcase to Finnish metal by combining its more delicate and delightful sides. There was no intention to do any clear line-up and I let the thoughts speak. Feelings are often roller coaster and this is the end result this time.”

The band ends several years of silence to the release. “The break has brought certain balance and maturity to our music. We are happy to finally share the piece with all the metal fans”, says My Reflection female-vocalist Jenni Räikkönen.

Listen the single:
The line-up
Jenni Räikkönen – vocals
Petja Haapaniemi – guitar & vocals
Henri Vuorenmaa – guitar
Aki Tainio – bass
Petri Inkinen – drums