Diablo Blvd. releases new video for “The Future Will Do What It’s Told”


Diablo Blvd. has released a new video for The Future Will Do What It’s Told, a track from their latest album Zero Hour, out through Nuclear Blast. We had an interview with frontman Alex Agnew on the new album Zero Hour here and a review of that same album here. We also have a photo review of the release show of Zero Hour here.

The band on their Instagram:

“One of our favourite songs on the record. Also one of those songs that was written pretty early in the writing process and turned out to be one of the songs that formed the blueprint for the last record soundwise. Hope you all like it!”

Singer, Alex Agnew:

“This song about the world we live in. Behind every religion and religious war, there is oil, gas or an arms deal. Presidents and kings are not in charge. There is power behind power and money behind money. And if you are the power behind the power and the money behind the money, you do not need to be able to predict the future. The future will do what it’s told.”

The band has also announced a couple of tour dates in Southern Europe which you can check out below.