The Wee Folk Metal Crew collective released Insomnium cover song


The Wee Folk Metal Crew is a young collective of up-and-coming folk metal bands and they’ve recently released their first major collaboration effort: a cover of Insomnium‘s timeless classic and all-time fan favorite ‘While We Sleep’.

The song is out on all major streaming services right now, including a recently premiered video:

The Wee Folk Metal Crew about the cover:

‘The collaboration has its origins in a cover of ‘While We Sleep’ that Walerius Den of Lombolo had begun work on long before The Wee Folk Metal Crew‘s conception. The cover was recently resurrected with the crew being enlisted to fulfil its full folk metal potential! 
Through the contributions of multiple members of the crew, the result was an eclectic mix of folk instrumentation that none of us would have been able to achieve alone. Some of the featured instruments include bouzouki, kantele, medieval pipes, flute, penny whistle and mandolin.
The crew had previously tested the waters with a largely a cappella shanty version of Anchorsmashed‘s ‘Come Sail Away’ (, although ‘While We Sleep’ is our first full-instrumentation folk metal release.’

Original song performed by Insomnium. Written by Ville Friman.
Walerius (Lombolo): rhythm guitar, mandolin, kantele, mixing, video editing
Lennart (Lombolo): flute
Viky (Biersbreaker): bagpipes
Cap. Blackett (Anchorsmashed): bouzouki, Spotify artwork
The Bastian (Anchorsmashed): lead guitar, clean vocals, mastering
Alex (Aventail): whistle
Jesse (Eoten): bass guitar
Tiago (Eoten/Firemage): clean vocals
Joseph (Accursed Years): clean and harsh vocals
Sylvain (RavenscaR): harsh vocals and keyboards

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