TYGER release their new single/video “Revival of the Wicked”

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TŸGER SINGLE/VIDEO FOR “REVIVAL of the WICKED” strikes fast and immediately dominates the scene. Kicking it hard from the word GO ! – “Revival of the Wicked” is thunderous, high-speed, and in your face rock! Each layer melds with a feracious potency that says — this is TŸGER and they are here to rock n roll. Recently joining The Label Group/INgrooves TŸGER solidly hits with “Revival of the Wicked!”

“Revival of the Wicked” is the first song that we all wrote together. Being loud, fast, catchy, and heavy this song could best be described as our identity song. Lyrically we wanted to match the intensity of the instruments in the song. The song is about the constant battle of darkness and light that is within us all. “Revival of the Wicked” is about being able to ask uncomfortable questions, even when you are asking them to yourself. -Adam Lane, Lead Singer of TŸGER

In 2019, lead guitarist extraordinaire Kevin Costner (not that one) was asked to perform a concert in support of a Journey tribute band. He felt the only possible way to show the world what he was capable of was to channel the power and finesse of hard rock legends, Mötley Crüe. So he formed his own band of misfits and monsters from his local rock and metal scene- calling upon former bandmate Daniel Aderholdt to lay down the thundering backbeat, with Adam Lane finally fulfilling his front-man fantasy to be Vince Neil. They knew they needed Adam‘s continual collaborator and sultan of shred, Sam Fleming, and bass master general Aaron Monger to round out the raucous rock group, with their singular focus being entertainment or death. Having conquered the cover song world, they saw fit to strike out on their own, and thus, deep in the concrete jungle surrounding Charlotte, NC, TŸGER was born. From their humble beginnings, they’ve found a way to clear their own path down the well-trodden trails of classic hard rock and heavy metal, while still carrying a flame for their southern roots. TŸGER harkens back to an era of musical maximalism epitomized by dueling lead guitars, anthemic sing-along choruses, and the predisposition to start a party wherever they go. Audio with attitude, they’re equal parts power, harmony, and unpredictability. They look to be the harbingers of a rock ‘n roll renaissance.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tygerzaps
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Instagram: https://www.Instagram.com/tygerzaps
TikTok: https://www.TikTok.com/tygerrocks
Website: https://www.www.tygerrocks.com

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