Thy Shining Curse releases mesmerizing new music video and single ‘Melmoth’


Hailing from Pittsburgh, US, symphonic death metal project Thy Shining Curse have released their new single “Melmoth” from the band’s debut album “Theurgia“, which is slated for release on February 16th via Swedish label ViciSolum Productions. The track is accompanied by a captivating music video, which you can watch here:

Rich in its intensity and harmonies, the band’s forthcoming album is a collection of seven musical rites, revolving around a common thematic axis; transgressing the physical world. “Theurgia” stands for “divine work” in Greek and was developed as a term by the Neoplatonists. It describes a series of magical acts that aim to connect the human soul to a hierarchy of superior beings, leading up to the supreme being or so-called, The One.

Thy Shining Curse is the solo musical project of a death metal initiate, Leonidas, with a primary focus on the practice of hierurgical artistry through symphonic methexis and hermetic imagery. Founded in 2021, the band is dedicated to the vision of its founder, aiming to create an immersive mystical experience by invoking the archetypical instincts of man via powerful symbolism, following the principles of the Pythagorean tradition, the Eleusinian mysteries, Neoplatonism and Western Esotericism. The depiction of its members is purposefully avoided. Instead, two mysterious figures act as the band’s visual representatives, Celeus and Celeucis. Their purpose is to complement the auditory experience with a subliminal initiation to the visual language of symbols, acting as modern-day hierophants.

“Theurgia” track listing:
01. Theurgia (Intro) 
02. Abyssaoth
03. Aesahaettr
04. Acephale
05. Lenore
06. Heptacletus 
07. Melmoth

Theurgia” will be coming out on February 16 via ViciSolum Productions and is now available for pre-order at THIS LOCATION

Thy Shining Curse are:
Leonidas – Composer/Music/Lyrics 
Gabe Pietrzak – Lead/Rhythm Guitars 
Cezar Moreira – Vocals

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