US heavy metal powerhouse Floodfall signs with Wormholedeath

Floodfall, has joined forces with Wormholedeath. This partnership will see the reissue of their album “Unbroken”, scheduled for re-release on April 19, 2024.

Floodfall, formed in Bozeman, Montana, initially included David Hearst, Jake Schreuder, and drummer Hunter Hessian. They recorded their debut album in Gothenburg, Sweden with producer Jakob Herrmann. After some changes, David, now in Portland, Oregon, teamed up with Zane Hearst on drums to record their second album, “Unbroken”, in both Portland and Gothenburg. Floodfall‘s music, characterized by vocal harmony and structured songwriting, draws from various styles of heavy music. They value the integration of music, graphics, and video, acknowledging Jakob‘s contributions as a co-songwriter and producer, Gustavo Sazes‘ artwork, and Ryan Erlandsen‘s video work.

‘Unbroken’ tracklist:
1. Common Heroes
2. Fever Rising
3. Like Thunder
4. Unbroken
5. Monuments
6. Snow Dogs
7. On Wings
8. Fire Fountains
9. Elevation 500
10. Scary Monsters
11. Night

“Unbroken” is about the ebb and flow of human existence. It was recorded over many months and miles, demonstrating the perseverance and positive energy that can be found in times of great difficulty. The songs celebrate the close-knit relationships formed between the band and its creative collaborators as they navigated life before, during, and after the shock of a worldwide pandemic. Driving, hard-hitting, and heavy with melodic, memorable hooks. Inspired and influenced by Queen, Eclipse, Charon, and Billy Talent.

Floodfall is:
David Hearst: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Zane Hearst: Drums

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