Yesterdaze release immensely catchy and powerful rock anthem


Yesterdaze is a young and extremely potent rock band out of Oslo, Norway, with a vocalist from Iceland. 

Through captivating, emotive, and aggressively addictive songs Yesterdaze seeks to captivate and mesmerize the listener. Their incredible live energy and the bands technical capability, paired with Armann‘s unique and raw vocals, makes their live performances unforgettable, and their songs exceptionally catchy.

Listen to the single here:

Both catchy and powerful with an incredible punch and ridiculously persuasive vocals this is a heavy loaded rock anthem urging you

«The past was easy, but the hardest part is now, we know no better» 

The premiere line of the first chorus strikes us with a well-known fact that postponing or escaping responsibility and truth always comes back to haunt us, and to vocalist Armann, the song sums up his anger towards his past and at the same time his fear towards the future.

Know No Better mixes the best of popular rock with something fresh and unexpected, triggering all the emotions and feelings you remember from the very first sonic experience of discovering rock music:

Or take the word of Erlend Gjerde, Managing Director at Indie Recordings

“Yesterdaze took me right back the beginning and reminded me why the hell we do this job.”

What more is there to be said?

Yesterdaze has arrived to bring rock back in focus and pave the way for a new generation of conscious rock lovers.

Yesterdaze is a product of the musical melting-pot that is Oslo, and their live energy has been a major hit with the mainstream pop-rock audience in the Norwegian capital. Since 2019 they have been an active live band in the Oslo rock scene and has quickly become known for their exhilarating and raw concerts. They have paved their way through Oslo’s various venues and stages, with the extraordinary habit of always getting booked to do a new show after each gig.

Their musical landscape is heavily influenced by Stadium Rock giants such as Queen, Radiohead, Queens of The Stone Age and Biffy Clyro. And rock isn’t just something you listen to; it is something you experience. Through music Yesterdaze seek to create something meaningful and deep for the greater audience.

Values ​​such as justice and tolerance, are important concepts for Yesterdaze, and one of their main goals is to create music that engages and inspires a new generation of music fans to make active choices in the lives they live.

Yesterdaze states:

“Ultimately, we want people to connect with what’s real in life. We want the audience to access their deepest emotions and release their inner rebel through our music, and that’s what we strive for.

Armann Ingthorsson – Vocals 
Lars Stray – Bass 
Torje Antonsen – Drums 
Martin Selen – Guitar

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