ZEKE SKY releases music video for the title track of the upcoming new album ‘Intergalactic Demon King’

A few weeks ago, US based multi-instrumentalist ZEKE SKY announced his signing to Atomic Fire Records in order to finally unleash his label debut upon the world and today he’s pleased to unveil further details about the album titled »Intergalactic Demon King« which can be pre-ordered now: set to be released on November 11th, 2022 through his new partners, the eleven tracks were produced by Zeke himself alongside Kevin Antreassian who was also responsible for tracking, mixing and mastering these tunes at Backroom Studios, adding vital touches to make them shine as bright as they do now. The album’s fantasy-laden artwork was contributed by Dafid Rizal (Insect Decay; https://linktr.ee/dafidrizal).

To mark the occasion, Zeke has also launched a previously unseen music video for the title track, the second digital single off the album, that includes video material by Allview Cinema and Photography (https://www.allviewcinema.com) and can be viewed over on YouTube:

Zeke states,

“‘Intergalactic Demon King’ is my sonic monolith in tribute to the unbridled ruthlessness of the barbarian and the cunning, calculated sophistication of the civilized. They both realize a rightful place in this song and in the brave dominion of any great king.”

Stream/purchase the single: https://zekesky.afr.link/IntergalacticDemonKingSinglePR.

Pre-order »Intergalactic Demon King« in the physical format of your choice (CD-digipak, colored vinyl), pre-save it on your favorite DSP or pre-order it digitally to receive the title track and ‘Say Your Prayers’ instantly: https://zekesky.afr.link/IntergalacticDemonKingPR.

Don’t forget to subscribe Atomic Fire Records on YouTube & to listen to ‘Intergalactic Demon King’ and other new tracks in the »AFR New Releases« playlist on Spotify: https://afr.link/SpotifyNewReleasesPR.

»Intergalactic Demon King« – Track Listing:

01. Overture
02. On The Tip Of The Tongue
03. Light The Sky
04. Intergalactic Demon King
05. Level The Heights
06. Light In The Hollow
07. Firewitch Forever
08. Faith And Sorrow
09. Endlessly Forever
10. Say Your Prayers
11. LionHeart

Zeke Sky is an American guitarist, pianist, vocalist and composer who has made continuous impact since videos of his playing and songs emerged on the internet in 2018. Combining influences of psychedelic rock, progressive metal, heavy metal and world music, Zeke goes against the grain in writing and performing bold and visionary songs without limitation, dealing with complex lyric issues ranging from toxic love to kingly conquests. In the same year, Zeke played his first live event opening for KING’S X as part of a home recorded album effort. Despite the total infancy of his name, an impressive number of copies were sold of this obscure album on the web.

Zeke followed up with a pair of singles in 2019 and 2020 with updated production ethics and of course more aggressive playing, and those saw favorable reviews all over the world, including in Rolling Stone Magazine.

In 2021, Zeke completed a debut label effort. For this young composer, the future is as bold as it is long, for only the brave who accept the challenge will taste the fruits of the golden mountain.

Zeke Sky | guitars, piano, synthesizer, bass, vocals
Adam Pierson | drums

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