Albert Witchfinder (Reverend Bizarre) returns with the fifth Opium Warlords album ‘NEMBUTAL’

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Albert Witchfinder (Reverend Bizarre) returns to doom-laden heavy metal with the fifth Opium Warlords album NEMBUTAL. Whereas the first four Opium Warlords albums were a brute depiction of psychoses, their fifth offering NEMBUTAL is a sweaty return to a crystal clear existence after a most severe depression. It is a beautiful, multi-layered journey through a broken mind, inner suffering, and slow recovery;  clean like a spring rain or autumn morning. It takes you on a trip that will leave you shaken, but purified.

Sami Albert ”Witchfinder” Hynninen (Reverend Bizarre, The Candles Burning Blue, The Puritan, Tähtiportti, KLV, Spiritus Mortis) has in his lifetime, produced hours of devastating, violent, extremely heavy, but at same time strangely serene music. NEMBUTAL is easily one of the more pure gemstones, ultimate in several different opposites; beauty, ugliness, heaviness, floating ambience, progressive structures, minimalism, light, darkness, remorse, vengeance. You have to experience it to really understand. 

The record is a joyful vision of death and apocalypse. The end of love, the end of pain and the end of mankind.

On its moments NEMBUTAL is as Metal as it can get, but most of the time it goes beyond any categorization, even beyond rock music. Still, constantly remaining heavy and striking, like a horse whip in the hand of the iron master.

“This might be the best album I have produced so far… but then again my idea of music is completely fucked up.” – Sami Hynninen

Released by Svart Records on December the 4th 2020.

Jewelcase CD 
Limited to 500 on black double vinyl 
with lyric/photo booklet

I: A Heavy Heart 
II: Threshold Of Your Womb 
III: The Destroyer Of Filth 
IV: Sarah Was Nineteen Years Old 
V: Solar Anus 
VI: Early In The Morning The Body Of The Girl Was Found  
VII: Perspiring Princess 
VIII: Xanadu  

Written, arranged, and produced by Sami Albert Hynninen
Co-produced by Jouni Leppikangas
Performed by Sami Albert Hynninen and Erkki Virta

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