Anchorsmashed raised some ‘Great Big F’n Pints!”


Anchorsmashed, a folk metal band hailing from the central belt of Scotland, have been riling things up quite a bit recently. After the perfect soundtrack for your weekly pub brawl ‘Fite Me!’, they released their new single ‘Great Big F’n Pints!’ on April 23rd. They were hoping that as beer aficionados ourselves this track may resonate with us! And it did… (took us some time to get this online after all the pints we guzzled down while playing the track over and over again)

Check out the track out yourself right here:

What their frontman A. J. Blackett had to say of the new single:

“Great Big F’n Pints is the second single we’ve released this year. Much like the titular pints it’s not just bigger than Fite Me! but greater too.

The main riff of the verses throws homage back to the thrash metal I listened to as a teenager blended with our own signature wonky style. Expect lots of big brass stabs, jolly accordion twiddles and the occasional steel drum plonking away in the background. As an Anchorsmashed first, we’ve got a spicy bouzouki solo from myself and a ripping shred up from The Bastian on guitar. There’s even a Korg MS-20 in there somewhere for all you analogue synth nerds!

The lyrics, in case you haven’t already guessed, are about drinking. As we were writing the song, The Bastian and I were thinking about all the wonderful alcoholic drinks we’ve had over the years. Before I knew it the verses were about what I won’t drink and the choruses what I will drink. The chorus being a list of drinks was heavily inspired by the classic patter songs of Gilbert and Sullivan light operettas (yes, really). There’s a whole smörgåsbord of boozy delights out there, but nothing quite satisfies this salty dog’s thirst like a great big f’n pint. Cheers!”

For more Anchorsmashed:

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