Belgian progressive rock band Transport Aerian shared new music video for ‘Skywound’

Belgian progressive rock band Transport Aerian presents a new music video for the track “Skywound“, from the eponymous concept album released in 2022 by Melodic Revolution Records (USA).

The song explores topics of faith, hope, and simply trying to stay human in the world steaming towards the imminent disaster.

According to the band’s statement, the song is ‘about an ordinary loving couple – like you and I, – only they know that the world is about to end. So, they try to make peace with it with some tenderness and secret hope for what many other lovers do – to be able to still find each other once again afterwards, after it all ends’.

The music video highlights the narrative of the song’s theme and showcases the band in its natural habitat. It has been made in cooperation with UK-based filmmaker FD-Films.

Transport Aerian shared with us, that they are preparing series of intimate, audio-visual shows based on “Skywound” story and are to release a live album in March 2024.

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