Belgian rock n roll-band DEAFCON have released a new single called “NICCI”.


The new single and music video “NICCI” is based on the novel “Hidden Smile”. In the video we see a man-eating all girl gang seducing and slaughtering our bandmembers, say what !?

DEAFCON is a Belgian based no bullshit rock ‘n’ roll band formed mid 2015 who’s writing songs about the wide aspect of the rock ‘n’ roll way of life. “Man’s ruin” is never really far away in the lyrics, nor is the “don’t like it? kiss my ass” attitude. The sound they produce with just 3 guys just blows you away, even during live shows, so no messing around with dubbed tracks.

Also they don’t deny the influence of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll GOD himself (guess whö !?)

You just have to listen for yourselves.

DEAFCON line-up:
David Hugelier : Bass / Vocals
Francis Vanyzere : Drums
Benny Beirlaen : Guitar


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