BillyBio shares new single “Turn The Wounds”

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On the new video single, “Turn the Wounds,” hardcore guitar player and frontman Billy Graziadei (BiohazardPowerflo) gets deeply personal with lyrics and imagery. Graziadei directed, produced and edited the video incorporating CGI footage designed by Philipp Hartmann. Leaders And Liars is set for March 25, 2022 release worldwide via AFM Records

“’Turn The Wounds‘ is about battles, ranging from personal, internal struggles to societal warfare,” says Graziadei. “It’s about the constant fighting between left and right, rich and poor, vaxxed and unvaxxed, science and religion, faith and atheism. There’s so much social manipulation in a constantly evolving information highway that is making a massive impact on our society.” This sentiment is underpinned by lyrics including the opening salvo: ” I gotta turn these wounds into wisdom // don’t let your actions be guided by fear.”

BillyBio style hardcore is firmly entrenched in the classic sound of New York bands like Agnostic Front, and Cro-Mags, but the new album, Leaders And Liars, forges a new path. Punk, hardcore and classic metal (Black SabbathIron Maiden), influences come together on these 15 songs giving listeners untrodden avenues to explore. AFM Records exclusive pre-sale link HERE. Link to pre-save the album on digital platforms HERE.

Graziadei wrote, performed, recorded and produced all fifteen tracks on Leaders and Liars in 2020 and 2021 at Firewater Studios in Los Angeles. In addition to recording and producing Biohazard there, he’s also had PowerfloMadballAgnostic FrontDevil Driver in the studio which he runs full time when not on tour. The record was mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen. Additional musicians performing on the album include Fred Aching Rios (Powerflo) on drums; Ra Dias (Suicidal Tendencies, currently touring with KORN) on bass; Daniele Manca on bass; Dan Palmer (Death by StereoZebrahead) on guitar; Robbie Davidson (The Exploited) on guitar. Vocals on “Remission” and “Just In The Sun” by Jennifer Bair with Jay Roth. Toby Morse (H2OHazen Street) appears on “One Life To Live.” 

Leaders And Liars Tracklist:
01. Black Out
02. Fallen Empires
03. Leaders and Liars
04. Lost Horizon
05. Turn the Wounds
06. Sheepdog
07. Deception
08. Generation Kill
09. Looking Up
10. One Life To Live ( feat. Toby Morse [H2O, Hazen Street] )
11. Our Scene
12. Just The Sun ( feat. Jennifer Bair [Jay Roth] )
13. Enough
14. Remission ( feat. Jennifer Bair [Jay Roth] )
15. Cyanide

BillyBio Line-Up:
Billy Graziadei – Vocals, Guitars
Fred Aching Rios – Drums
Ra Diaz, Dan Manca – Bass
Dan Palmer, Robbie Davidson – Leads

Visit BillyBio online:

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