Blind Guardian announces live album package

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There’s big news from Blind Guardian: The progressive power metal pioneers are releasing a new 3-CD package entitled, Live Beyond The Spheres through Nuclear Blast coming July 7th! The album will include material recorded from various shows during the European tour leg in 2015 – among old classics, new tracks as well as songs that are played very rarely during live shows.

Vocalist Hansi Kürsch speaks about the difficulties to create such an ambitious album:

“In general I would say that we’ve had a really good run on this tour and that nearly every show was perfect. But at the end of the day, after every band-member has checked each and every song and concert of those 30 shows again and again, there were only like two or three versions of each song being suitable to be used for an album. We then had to decide between those last remaining Versions, which would have been the most impressive one. This was a nearly endless task!”

But as we all know, Blind Guardian stands for perfectionism in any way, like the vocalist continues:

“The Songs finally Chosen reveal such an energy, that possible smaller mistakes appeared to be totally unimportant for the evaluation. As soon as you have listened to the songs, you will know what I mean, they feel alive”

But in the end, it seems the effort was all worth it. Hansi sums up:

“There is always something happening at each show, let’s call it ‘MAGIC’, that is giving us all creeps. We are really satisfied when the people sing with us, have a good time and go back home happy.”

Live Beyond The Spheres will come as a 3-CD and 4-LP Box and you can gaze at the -as always- magically fantastical artwork (and tracklist) here:


01. The Ninth Wave
02. Banish From Sanctuary
03. Nightfall
04. Prophecies
05. Tanelorn
06. The Last Candle
07. And Then There Was Silence
01. The Lord Of The Rings
02. Fly
03. Bright Eyes
04. Lost In The Twilight Hall
05. Imaginations From The Other Side
06. Into The Storm
07. Twilight Of The Gods
08. A Past And Future Secret
09. And The Story Ends
01. Sacred Worlds
02. The Bard’s Song (In The Forest)
03. Valhalla
04. Wheel Of Time
05. Majesty
06. Mirror Mirror

You can still experience the magic live for yourself by trying to catch them at one of their summer stops:

16.06.  D         St. Goarshausen – RockFels
28.06.  IL        Tel Aviv – Reading 3
30.06.  GR       Chania – Chania Rock Festival
02.07.  I          Milano – Battlefield Metal Fest
08.07.  D         Ballenstedt – Rockharz Open Air
02.08.  H         Székesfehérvár – Fezen Fesztivál
03.08.  SK       Bratislava – Majestic Club
05.08.  S         Rejmyre – Skogsröjet Festival
10.08.  E         Villena – Leyendas Del Rock
11.08.  UK       Derby – Bloodstock Open Air
12.08.  A         Graz – Metal On The Hill
25.08.  PL        Straszecin – Czad Festival
26.08.  D         Dresden – Alter Schlachthof

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