Body Count – Bloodlust

Body Count‘s in the house!” Most of you probably know this line from their historical first album that set the music scene ablaze back in the nineties. Paving the way for rap metal and nu-metal, Ice-T and his friends voiced  their anger about many social issues in a unique blend of (gangsta) rap and heavy/thrash metal. 15 years after their first album Ice-T and his only remaining friend from back then Ernie C wrote some music, gathered some more friends around them of which a few greats in metal like Dave Mustaine, Max Cavalera and Randy Blythe. And here is album number six: Bloodlust!

And from the very first track Civil War (with Dave Mustaine) one thing is clear: they’re still fucking angry! Despite Ice-T currently having a very wealthy life with a rich music career and a steady acting job, he didn’t forget where he came from. He is here to be the voice for everyone in need, whether it’s black, white, blue or red. In today’s world most of the songs couldn’t be more relevant… Civil War probably calls up a lot of the emotions that the States went through after the elections during which, on a lot of moments it felt a new civil war was breaking out over there. With a very hardcore punk feel Ice-T voices his worries: “I’m feeling the tension, don’t tell me you don’t! These fools will get us all killed, don’t tell me they won’t!”.

Following this really strong opening we get a few songs that didn’t necessarily caught my attention as much, but sort of gives a look on living in the hood surrounded by gangsters and desperate people. All Love Is Lost seems to pick up the feeling of anger, frustration and impending doom a bit more again and with the addition of Max Cavalera this is a real headbanger! With Raining In Blood / Postmortem Ice-T explains what Body Count is for those who didn’t read up on it yet on the internet. Cool though that following this short explanation we get an actual recording of one of the Slayer songs they have been playing live regularly: Raining Blood. A few more interesting songs pop up like Walk With Me… in which they got the help from Randy Blythe to sing about the darkness in their minds, followed by a highly creepy Here I Go Again in which the sociopath seems to have free reign…

But then comes the absolute highlight for me personally: the last three songs of the album. Just because this trio is a fucking brutal and honest way to punch an end to this release. Starting off with No Lives Matter, Ice-T delivers one of his famous speeches, this time about the issues he has with “Black Lives Matter” and the whole division of society:

“It’s unfortunate that we even have to say ‘Black Lives Matter’, I mean, if you go through history nobody ever gave a fuck. I mean, you can kill black people in the street, nobody goes to jail, nobody goes to prison. But when I say ‘Black Lives Matter’ and you say ‘All Lives Matter’, that’s like if I was to say ‘Gay Lives Matter’ and you say ‘All Lives Matter’. If I said, ‘Women’s Lives Matter’ and you say ‘All Lives Matter’, you’re diluting what I’m saying. You’re diluting the issue. The issue isn’t about everybody. It’s about black lives, at the moment

But the truth of the matter is, they don’t really give a fuck about anybody, if you break this shit all the way down to the low fucking dirty-ass truth”

A great intro to a song in which he questions us being on different camps in today’s social issues, ’cause “when it comes to the poor, no lives matter!”. Finally someone calling out for unity against what is wrong in this world and society, they couldn’t be more relevant today… Get ready to fight!

And if this got your blood pumping, maybe you actually feel the “sickness” that Ice-T sings about in Bloodlust. A raging heavy/thrash metal track about the sick way a lot of people are into brutalities, blood spilling, destruction and the lot. Finishing off with Black Hoodie, they pick up on a topic that has been relevant for the past 20 years and seems to be getting worse still: unnecessary police brutalities, often even just based on what you’re wearing or how you look. Digging up a personal story, Ice-T sounds even more angry than before, if you deemed that possible… ending a record with this kind of a bombshell is putting down quite a statement. We’re here, we’re pissed and we’re not planning to take shit any longer: deal with it!

Release date: March 31st, 2017
Label: Century Media Records
1. Civil War (ft. Dave Mustaine)
2. The Ski Mask Way
3. This Is Why We Ride
4. All Love Is Lost (ft. Max Cavalera)
5. Raining In Blood / Postmortem
6. God, Please Believe Me
7. Walk With Me… (ft. Randy Blythe)
8. Here I Go Again
9. No Lives Matter
10. Bloodlust
11. Black Hoodie


  • Music8
  • Vocals/lyrics9
  • Production/mix9
  • Packaging/artwork8
  • Originality8
  • 8.4


    Body Count is back and fucking pissed! Unite to raise your voices against what is wrong in the world... Ice-T and his friends haven't calmed down a single bit since the nineties, they're as relevant as ever and are here to open your eyes! Body Count's in the house!


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