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Season 2 of Gothic Homemaking with Aurelio Voltaire has started

Turn your home Gothic!

Brutal Assault updates line-up with Wolves in the Throne Room, Boris and Crowbar!

A few bands have left the line-up, but some impressive names joined in on the fun. So don't worry, be happy!

Kinky Star celebrates their 20 years!

Celebrating 20 years of underground and alternative music!

Spoil Engine is “Doomed to Die”

An extra taste of upcoming "Stormsleeper"

Groezrock Announces Time Schedule

Groezrock announces their time schedules!

Releases to look forward to… April 2017

This month seems to be way more extreme than the past ones...

The Big Stone Rock Fest adds a few more names!

New additions to an already great line-up!

A second Belgian exclusive Comaniac single!

Thrash for coal and destruction!

Groezrock Line Up Complete + VIP Contest

Groezrock Line Up Complete + Win VIP tickets!

Radegast is the official beer of Brutal Assault 2017

Radegast (and others) is going to quench your thirst while checking out the highest quality of metal and hardcore bands!