Chris Maragoth released new single & video ‘Burning June’

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Chis Maragoth is a solo artist from Germany. In 2017, he started this self-titled / self-released solo project. The guitar is his main instrument, but his website states that he arranges and records instrumental and vocal parts on his own. On June 6, Chris released his first single ‘Burning June’. This single was originally planned to be released with his previous band. Let me describe this first single to you:

You are welcomed by a long deep strum with on top a nice heavy metal sounding riff. Clean sung lyrics about carrying sins and doing everything to get rid of them. These lyrics are being strengthened by a whisper in the background that repeats the line one more time.  During the second verse we get a palm muted, fast strummed guitar, followed by the lead guitar that follows the melody of the lyrics.

‘’Let the cleansing begin. FUCK’’.

Ending on a long strum, with a palm muted guitar on top, the last sentence is loud and clear, yet being whispered: 

‘End my vile existence’.

Intrigued? Maybe have a listen for yourself right here:

Chris Maragoth about the track:

‘’Burning June is about a protagonist who did evil things in his life. God or a godlike entity is going to punish him now for his actions. A supernatural fire is coming to the protagonist to burn him alive, cleansing and freeing his soul. The protagonist knows there is no escape anymore as the flames are coming nearer and nearer and start to blind his eyes. He is accepting and welcoming his fate, seeing this fire as a possibility of repenting his sins.’’

At the end of this year, his new EP called ‘Tales‘ will be released. All the song titles will start with ‘Tales of…’. What story is Chris Maragoth going to tell us? Having heard Burning June, I’m expecting something mysterious, maybe a somewhat darker story with touches of light in between. What do you think?

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