CREEPING DEATH to release ‘The Edge Of Existence’ EP October 8th via Entertainment One


Texas death metal torch bearers CREEPING DEATH will unleash The Edge Of Existence October 8th via Entertainment One!

Crafted at Homewrecker Recording Studio in Tucson, Arizona and produced and mixed by Ryan Bram (Gatecreeper, Bitter Rivals, Sex Prisoner), the six-song EP introduces certified hellraisers “Relics From The Past,” “Humanity Transcends,” and the title track. The new bangers sit alongside remade and revitalized versions of the three songs from CREEPING DEATH’s 2016 debut EP: “Sacrament Of Death,”“Doused In Flames,” and “Skinned Alive.”

“We’re aren’t trying to be the most innovative death metal band. We just want to be heavy and fun,” guitarist Trey Pemberton notes of the EP, without apology. “You’ll hear a natural progression from Wretched Illusions to The Edge Of Existence. And the next LP will be different, as well. Each release will be at least a little bit different from each other, but they will all still sound like CREEPING DEATH. That’s who we are.”

In advance of the EP’s release, today the band unleashes a video for eponymous EP opener, “The Edge Of Existence”. The track showcases the cold, sonic violence that lies within their unique combination of death metal and hardcore, while introducing a spacious and progressive direction similar to Blood Incantation.

Notes Pemberton of the timely track,

“‘The Edge Of Existence’ was the first of several new songs we’ve written since the onset of the pandemic. It begs that all too familiar question, ‘can people band together for a greater cause? Or will we continue to make the same mistakes until the end of civilization?’”

Preorders for the The Edge Of Existence EP are available HERE.

The Edge Of Existence Track Listing:
1. The Edge Of Existence
2. Relics From The Past
3. Humanity Transcends
4. Doused In Flames
5. Sacrament Of Death
6. Skinned Alive

CREEPING DEATH is the ultimate fan service for death metal disciples. Like an Easter egg-packed superhero sequel or The Lord Of The Rings director’s cuts, the bludgeoning assemblage serves up the best elements of the brutal subgenre’s past, present, and future, with neck-breaking intensity. It’s an unrelenting sonic celebration of the style, played with blissful mayhem by people who truly love it.

Legendary bands like Bolt Thrower, Gorguts, Obituary, and Grave are part of the band’s subcultural DNA. It’s blended and alchemized by each member’s unique life experience and musical point of view. A nod to crossover masters Iron Age, a bit of the tech-death of Cryptopsy, a foundation of forebearers Death, CREEPING DEATH summons a vibrant sound somehow both familiar and fresh.

Originally hailing from Denton, Texas and now situated in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, “CREEPING DEATH is on an undying ascent” (Dallas Observer). This year’s blistering The Edge Of Existence EP further demonstrates the power, fury, and outright revelry at the heart of the band’s identity. 

“We’ve freely admitted that we are a selfish band, in so much as we really only write music for us,” Pemberton explains. “We make music that’s fun for us to play and that we like to listen to ourselves. After all, we’re the ones who are going to hear these songs the most, night after night.”  

The international death and thrash metal audience quickly took notice of CREEPING DEATH after the band’s initial 2016 outburst, the pulverizing three-song Sacrament Of Death. Revolver declared them an Artist You Need To Know with the release of 2018’s Specter Of War EP. By the time the band delivered their debut full-length, 2019’s Wretched Illusions, Kerrang! hailed them as, “an underground juggernaut… channeling all the raddest aspects of metal without getting shoehorned into any clichés.”

Tours with High On Fire, The Acacia Strain, Rotting Out, Terror, The Warriors, and Power Trip helped spread the CREEPING DEATH message. Crowds succumbed to the group’s combination of endlessly catchy riffage, precise percussion, and storytelling lyrics, many inspired by the online RPG RuneScape.

Pemberton, Iranian-American singer Reese Alavi (whose pronouns are they/them), bassist Eric “Rico” Mejia, drummer Lincoln Mullins, and guitarist A.J. Ross III comprises the group Revolver called the, “Power Trip-endorsed band leading the next wave of Texas metal.” They refused to let the 2020 pandemic destroy their momentum, even after COVID sidelined two of them for several weeks. The group emerged from lockdown with a punishing array of their most crushing material yet. Ross (also of Kombat and Torture Tomb, with Cole Crutchfield of Knocked Loose) made his recorded debut with CREEPING DEATH, adding another heavy dimension to their massive bellow on The Edge Of Existence.

Reese Alavi – vocals
Trey Pemberton – guitar
A.J. Ross, III – guitar
Eric “Rico” Mejia – bass
Lincoln Mullins – drums

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