Danish Viking musician Danheim uses real human bones in upcoming album about Life & Death


Copenhagen, Denmark – Danish Viking Musician Danheim is pleased to announce that his latest album, Hringrás, is due to be released in the near future. The highly anticipated album features a song made with living sounds of animals, nature and the human voice.

Mike Olsen, a.k.a. Danheim, provides some insight as to how the album was made:

“All sounds and instruments, in the death part of the song, were recorded and made from dead or decayed objects and materials, even real human bones were recorded and used in the song. The song is six minutes long and starts with Kvikr (life), then slowly moves into the Dauðr (death) part in the middle of the song around the three minute mark. At that point, all living things are removed and replaced with recordings or sounds of dead objects.”

Olsen created the song in a similar theme and musical notes all the way through, so as not to portray life as ‘happier’ than death, and not to portray death as more ‘unhappy’ than life.

As a musical ‘first,’ he believes that many people might be surprised at the results and the differences of life and death as portrayed in sound. And, not surprisingly he’s already receiving plenty of feedback about his use of real human bones. Olsen says about it:

“Everyone has an opinion about that. But I urge you to listen. It’s something you’ll have never experienced before.”


About the Artist

Renowned for Nordic Folk / Viking inspired music, Danheim focuses his music on ideas and stories based on the darker side of the Viking period, inspired or consisting of Nordic Mythology, old Danish folklore, and a vivid imagination. There is only one man behind Danheim, Copenhagen-based Danish producer Mike Olsen. With eight years of experience in electronic and ambient music, Olsen feels a deep connection to his Danish roots and heritage, and hopes to bring the Viking era and early Nordic history to life through his music

Olsen’s music has inspired fans not just in Denmark but the world over, with more than 120,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 35 million online streams/listens since January 2017.

This talented and prolific indie artist releases his own songs, and can be heard on his website at https://danheimmusic.com/

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