Desertfest Antwerp 2017 completes line-up

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In little more than a month, Antwerp will be host of one of the most renown heavy/rock/psych/stoner/doom festivals, Desertfest. The line-up has been long in the making and today has been finally completed.

 As a final addition Desertfest aimed to offer the international crowd a taste of what Belgium has to offer when it comes to the heavier stuff. Steak Number Eight and King Hiss are two names that easily come to mind. Two bands that have had a busy festival summer, if for some reason you haven’t seen them yet this year, Desertfest is your chance. In addition to those two, ASupenaut from Brussels is yet another Belgian band to finalise the line-up. To close it off, DYSE and High Fighter hailing from Germany are the very last bands to be added to the line-up.

On another note, due to unforeseen circumstances White Hills has been forced to cancel their appearance at the festival.

With that said the line-up of this year’s edition is final. Yet another great edition to look forward to. Fall of Summer had to cancel Saint Vitus, so if you’re dead set on seeing them this year, Desertfest is your chance!