The Rock Fest completes their 2018 line-up with the last additions!

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Last year was the first edition of the brand new Finnish festival The Rock Fest. With Rammstein and Evanescence as the headliners, they immediately put themselves on the map as a force to be reckoned with. Despite a few bugs in the system (for our report go here), they had a very successful start and it gave the organisation the needed push to go on and put a second edition on the rails. Besides the earlier announcement that they’re going to make the move from Vantaa to a city about a half an hour drive away called Hyvinkää, today they’re bringing us the first names of 2018’s installment of the festival and with it the first headliner! They’re also making the step from a 2-day festival to a 3-4 day feast of rock and metal!

The past months there has been a steady stream of additions to the line-up with some mastodons in the heavy music world like the last tour of Ozzy Osbourne, the glorious return of Judas Priest on the stage for a limited run, the young lions of Avenged Sevenfold and the king of shock Marilyn Manson. Besides those headliners, you can find the top of Finnish and international artists ready to make it a memorable event… Now the festival released a last set of names and completed their 2018 line-up:

A nice list of 13 names joined the party: The first shorter “Ozzy” Wednesday brings Finnish heavy metal outfit Kilpi into the mix. On “Judas Priest” Thursday we see the legendary Swedish punk rock band Millencolin joined by the 30th anniversary of Finnish godfathers of punk Klamydia, Swedish power metallers Twilight Force and Finnish metal outfits Sonata Arctica and Lost Society pick up the metal that day. Shock rock “Marilyn Manson” Friday adds the rapcore guys of Hollywood Undead after a massive show earlier this year in Helsinki, Swedish metalcore from Adept, ex-Motörhead Phil Campbell (and the Bastard Sons), returning Finnish disko metallers Turmion Kätilöt and countrymates heavy/thrash metallers S-Tool! And lastly, on “A7X” Saturday American rock/metal band CKY (with Bam Margera‘s big brother, Jesse, on drums) join in and another returning band with Brother Firetribe… Quite the diverse and interesting line-up!

Tickets start at 159 € for the 4 days and you have the choice between “Regular”, “Priority” and “VIP” with a few extras to order as well. If you’re planning to stay the 4 days and do some camping, don’t forget to buy your camping ticket! Get your tickets to what is shaping to be Finland’s biggest rock & metal event from now on while there are still some left on &