Six new names complete the line-up for The Sound Of Revolution 2018


With the addition of Dag Nasty, Shark Attack, Incendiary, Antillectual, Hardsell and Violation Of Trust, the line-up of The Sound Of Revolution 2018 is complete. This year The Sound Of Revolution will last two days: on Friday November 2nd there will be 6 bands on stage and no less than 24 bands will come to Klokgebouw Eindhoven on Saturday November 3rd. Because Friday November 2nd officially belongs to the festival, there is a limited amount of combi tickets available for The Sound Of Revolution 2018. So there are 3 different (pre sale) tickets available for The Sound Of Revolution 2018: Friday tickets (€ 20), Saturday tickets (€ 35) and limited Combi tickets (€ 50). Service costs are not included in the price. For more info and tickets:

Festival director Martijn van den Heuvel is very happy to announce the final names for The Sound Of Revolution: “With Dag Nasty we added another classic hardcore band to the line up. I can hardly believe that a band I have been listening to since 1995, will now play on the festival I’m organising myself. We also booked Shark Attack, a modern classic band. I saw the bands final show when I was on vacation in the States in 2001. The band only existed for seven months, but had a huge impact on the scene in that era. Their show on the True Spirit stage at TSOR will be their first in Europe. I’m really looking forward to this mayhem! Another favorite band of mine will also play the True Spirit stage: my Long Island friends of Incendiary. They will not be able to tour, so we’ll fly them over only for the festival and that makes their show unique and very special.

The other three bands on the bill, are all from The Netherlands. Violation Of Trust, Eindhovens own, will celebrate their 25th anniversary at The Sound Of Revolution, so that will definitely be a good oldschool Eurocore party just like the European Hardcore Party days. Martijn: “VOT always was one of my favorite live bands and Marco is an example to me for being a charismatic and powerful frontman.” The Streetpunk powerhouse Hardsell is only playing two European shows this year. “Chris, the singer, lives in Texas and therefore it’s a little difficult for the band to tour. So we are very happy they will fly over for our festival”, Martijn says. “And finally, the best punkrock band from The Netherlands Antillectual will carry the torch for European punkrock at The Sound Of Revolution 2018!”


Klokgebouw, Eindhoven
Friday November 2, feat. Life Of Agony (US), Propagandhi (CA), Dag Nasty (US). Street Dogs (US), Beowülf (US), Antillectual (NL)
Saturday November 3, feat. Suicidal Tendencies (US), Gorilla Biscuits (US), Agnostic Front (US), Comeback Kid (CA), Perkele (SE), GBH (UK), Earth Crisis (US), No Turning Back (NL), Underdog (US), Incendiary (US), Shark Attack (US), Sworn Enemy (US), Brutality Will Prevail (UK), The Templars (US), Shipwrecked (NO), Mushmouth (US), Violation Of Trust (NL), Hardsell (NL), Trail Of Lies (US), Regulate (US), Toxic Shock (BE), St.Hood (FI), Deathtrap (NL), Topnovil (AU)

Doors/start festival:
Friday November 2: 6.30/7.30pm
Saturday November 3: 12/1.30pm

Combi (Friday November 2 and Saturday November 3): € 50 (excl. service fee)
Friday November 2: € 20 (excl. service fee)
Saturday November 3: € 35 (excl. service fee)
Ticket sales via or 0900 – 300 1250 (60 cpm)