Haiduk streaming new track “Blood Ripple”; New album “Exomancer” out October 17th

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For fans of Dissection, Old Man’s Child, Satyricon, Behemoth, Bolt Thrower

HAIDUK, the Calgary, AB one man thrashing black and death metal project fronted by Luka Milojica is now streaming the first single “Blood Ripple” off his upcoming album “Exomancer” due out on October 17th. This will be his third full length to follow his 2015 concept album “Demonicon” where each song pertained to the nine demons on the release’s front cover. Clocking at around thirty minutes, “Exomancer” was recorded and mixed by Luka Milojica. Three years in the making, the album is heavy on dual-guitar interplay and is another concept release based on a sorcerer who harnesses cosmic forces to raise the dead and see the future. Artwork was done by Caelan Stokkermans.

HAIDUK comments:

“It’s my best album. It combines the most powerful elements of Haiduk in one.”

To pre-order “Exomancer” visit http://www.haiduk.ca.

Track Listing:
1. Death Portent
2. Unsummon
3. Evil Art
4. Subverse (instrumental)
5. Icevoid Nemesis
6. Doom Seer (instrumental)
7. Pulsar (instrumental)
8. Blood Ripple
9. Once Flesh
10. Crypternity